Week 2; July 3, 2014

What’s in the box?DSC_1852

Collard Greens
Herb Pot
Green Onions
Red Romain (Full and half)
Salad Mix (Full)
Green Leaf lettuce (half)
Hakurei Turnips

Notes on the box…

Another week of beautiful salads!  Keep lettuce in an open plastic bag in your crisper.  Give it a rinse before eating.  

Hakuri Turnips are the white orbs with green leaves and may be new to you.  To store, give them a good rinse and remove the tops.  Tops and bottom are edible.  Cut a thin slice of the turnip and give it a taste.  It’s mild, sweet, and slightly spicy.  It’s a wonderful addition to salads, sandwiches, as a snack on its own, or diced and added to stir fry.  These turnips are one that we decided to try out because they are beautiful and good for an early season crop.  The seed is so expensive, so we were a little leary, but they are SO GOOD that we have decided to grow them every year.  Give them a try and let us know what you think!

If anyone has some of their favorite Salad dresssing recipes they would like to share please do so! this has been a wonderful season for lettuce. 

This could be the end of the strawberries… a short but sweet season. 

Summer harvest is right around the corner, with fall already on our radar. 

DSC_1874a green tomato family


fall transplants on the wagon, will be planted while you are picking up your box.DSC_1870baby tomato- 3-4 weeks from harvestDSC_1888an almost empty greenhouse, fall crops still waiting to go in because it is toooooo wetDSC_1869summer squash, next week! DSC_1861staking tomatoesDSC_1854



Easy Collard Greens
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olive oil or butter
Remove the stem from the collards. Roll them up in a stack together (like a cigar) then slice them very thin. Saute with fresh minced garlic or finely chopped green garlic and olive oil or butter until greens are wilted and bright green. Enjoy!
Turnip Rock CSA http://turniprock.com/blog/
Scallion (green onion) Pancakes

 Roasted Hakuri Turnips with Israeli Couscous Salad 


On the farm…

As usual, the Spring has been an exciting time with lots of unexpected challenges and weather that is making us want to pull our hair out (cut Hay on two different fields and got rain on them both times!) But the veggies seem to be doing mostly good with the exception of a few direct seeded crops getting washed out and having to be replanted.  The weeds are difficult to get rid of when everytime you cultivate more rain comes and replants those suckers in a different spot.  It’s pretty frustrating!  But hopefully July will be a little drier (but not NO RAIN dry, right?)  Farmers sure are picky about what they want from the weather, right?!  Anyway, things are looking good in the fields despite the challenges.  

The first delivery seems to have gone pretty well with just a couple of hiccups.  If you had any problems, but didn’t let us know, please contact us so that we can make it right!  Also, please remember to take the produce from the box with your name or your share partners name. This is super important to do so that everyone gets a box and we know who to contact if a box is left behind.  We are changing around some of the drop orders, which will affect the times, so please go by the email that notifys you of when your box will be there. And i promise not to mislead you again by sending out the email in anticipation of when the delivery will arrive. 

So, have you been watching Around the Farm Table on PBS Tuesday nights at 9pm? We were on one of their pilot webisodes that you can see here.  They are doing a fundraising campaign to help with production of their next season.  Here’s a link to the video and information.  Inga, Joe, and Rick are really great people who make a really nice show.  They are farmers, too!  

We have to let you know about this, too!  Red Clover Apothecary is part of the Hungry Turtle Farmers Coop.   Nancy is an AMAZING herbalist and she is offering herbal CSA shares!  They are a one time delivery that we can deliver with your CSA box (let her know that you are a member of Turnip Rock Farm when you order from her).  She makes wonderful tinctures, salves, teas and more.  She has offerings right now that are especially good for Summer time including bite and burn salves, a sore muscle salve, cooling tea, Lymes relief tincture, and many more great offerings to keep you healthy.  Everything she makes involves sustainable hand harvesting and small batch preparation.   We are so fortunate to have her in our farming community and we hope you can get an herbal CSA share from her.  

Our farmers Coop will be at the Linden Hills farmers market every Sunday from 9am-1pm. stop by say HI! 


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