Turnip Rock Farm

Because every time we turn the soil we turn up rock

   We are located just 50 miles East of the Twin Cities, South of Amery, WI. As vegetable growers we have over 7 years of CSA farm management experience and 6 years of internship experience.  We farmed for 5 years in New Auburn, WI on the rockiest ground that anyone has ever grown vegetables on!  In 2013 we moved to a different piece of land (with less rocks!) that is closer to our CSA members and a great community of sustainable farmers.  We kept the name but left the rocks behind.  
   We grow 10-12 acres of produce for our 260 members.  99% of what we grow goes to the CSA. We are not a large wholesale farm that is using CSA as a way to sell second rate produce.  We are a family farm and we operate following our values with the highest respect for the soil and our natural environment.  We also LOVE food, love growing it, and love sharing it with our CSA members.    
    When you become a member of our farm you will receive a box of seasonal, Certified Organic produce every week from mid June until mid-October. 

We offer a full share option for families or hearty vegetable loving individuals, or a smaller single share option for more timid vegetable eaters.  It is important to us that our CSA boxes be enjoyable and user friendly!  We try to focus on the “familiar favorites” of vegetables and not put too many challenging or unknown vegetables in your CSA box.  We provide weekly storage tips and recipes on our much loved blog.  

Here’s a link to the Turnip Rock Farm episode of Around the FarmTable. 



Welcome to our farm!

Turnip Rock   (715)268-9311  260 95th Street Clear Lake, WI  54005    turniprock@gmail.com

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Have a look at our slide show of the 2012 season’s boxes!